About Interfaith Neighbors — Helping at Risk Youth is Our Prerogative

ifneighabout1What We Do

We’re here for one reason and the only reason – young people. No matter their faith, their upbringing, or their background, every child should have a chance to succeed in life. Unfortunately, not every child is given that opportunity.

Our mission statement is that at-risk youth should be able to discover their potential, find their strengths, and achieve the life they deserve. We provide At Risk Youth Programs and at risk youth facts to give the support they need.

Who We Help

The youth we help suffer from lots of want in their lives. Our members provide help where they can, advice where they can’t, and direction to professional services where required. We aim to allow troubled teens to flourish – whether that means helping them to succeed in school, providing counselling and advice, or simply giving them the chance to discover their passion for a hobby. We’ve helped over 800 children and teenagers in East Harlem over the last year, and that number will only grow as we expand to serve each new generation.

Who We Are

ifneighabout2The work we undertake wouldn’t be possible without the tireless dedication of our volunteers. Just as we aim to help all children, we’re made up of people from all faiths and  backgrounds – the only requirement to work with us is a real belief in helping youth at risk. It doesn’t matter if that means you can give seven hours a week or seven days. What counts is your attitude and your willingness to contribute.

Want to get involved with the Interfaith Neighbors? Interested in working with youth at risk?

How You Can Help

Being a non-profit organisation, we rely entirely on the community to do what we do. If you can’t spare the time to volunteer with us, but you’d still like to contribute, you can view the details of our donation box on our site too.

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