Summer Program Explained or How to Foster Child’s Development

summer1It is important to help all children to grow and become the best that. It is more so for the children who are in school and learning the various skills for personal growth and development. Children can learn many skills whether they are in school or even during the summer program. When teaching young children, the teachers, the parents and all the other educators need to focus on the six domains of a child’s development. These will make it easy for the children to grow both physically, psychologically as well as can live with others in a harmonious manner. Read more

Increasing Body Awareness and Health Education for Girls

increas1As children grow, they start to notice changes at different points in their lives. It is said that girls develop faster than boys do.

Proper education will help them develop confidence in themselves as they will be aware of what to expect at a given time. Interfaith Neighbors aim to enhance body awareness for girls and what teens need to know about health education.
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Fostering Self-esteem of Teens — the Teen Learning Center’ Guide

fostering1Many teens could have a problem with what is known as low self-esteem. Low self esteem has to do with a situation where the teens feel inadequate in the way they look, perform, talk and so on. It means that the teenagers may feel that they are not confident enough to face life like the others due to certain shortcomings that they may perceive themselves to have. However, there are many ways through which this feeling of self confidence can be corrected in teenagers and indeed in all people. Read more

Social Issues of New York City Youth-From Poverty to Violence

issocial1cThe youth in New York City faces a myriad of problems that range from violence to poverty and other social issues. This affects mostly the at-risk young people who are vulnerable to all the social evils that exist in the outskirts of this big city. The youth, ranging from 16 years to 24 years have to face many problems such as lack of jobs during the school holidays, lack of role models as well as problems related to gun violence and health problems. The youth faces many social problems in this city and in indeed in many parts if America. We shall discuss these social issues and the solutions that could help bring order in the society. These are:

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How to Improve Writing Skills of Girls at GirlSpace

ifneigh1Writing is one of the most fulfilling things that people want to do. The reason you may need someone to write your paper is simple – you do not want to spoil your message and idea. Through writing, you can communicate to your readers and have them understand the issues that you want to put across. At GirlSpace, we want to provide all with an opportunity to express thoughts. Here are some recommendations that should be taken into account while aiming at mastering writing of girls.

You will need these tips to make it easy for you to know to improve writing skills on a daily basis.
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