Fostering Self-esteem of Teens — the Teen Learning Center’ Guide

fostering1Many teens could have a problem with what is known as low self-esteem. Low self esteem has to do with a situation where the teens feel inadequate in the way they look, perform, talk and so on. It means that the teenagers may feel that they are not confident enough to face life like the others due to certain shortcomings that they may perceive themselves to have. However, there are many ways through which this feeling of self confidence can be corrected in teenagers and indeed in all people.

Below are guidelines to parents and all people who are in charge of teenagers on how they can help them to improve their self-esteem. These guidelines can be used by teachers and other guardians who want to guide teens on how to change from a feeling of low confidence to a person who is confident and has high self-regard.

Tips to improve confidence in teenagers

  1. Set boundaries and rules that teens should follow

As a parent, teacher, guardian or a counsellor, you should set boundaries and norms that you expect your teens to adhere to. You could, for instance, have your teenage daughters or sons come home at a certain time. You should inform the child why this is necessary and the consequences of not following this guideline. When your rules are clear, it sends a message to the teenager that they are valued, and this is the first step to building self esteem of the child.

  1. Be generous with praise to the teenagers

Many times people focus on the wrong things that the teens do. It is not the right thing. Focus on all the good things that your child does and praise them where this is necessary. This would be particularly important for all the at-risk kids that need to be encouraged. Parents, teachers and guardians need to compliment their teenage children on the efforts that they have made in achieving the success.

  1. Encourage opinions and decision-making in teenagers

One of the best ways to make teens feel included is to support them in your decision making and listening to their ideas. Teenagers have many thoughts and ideas that you can listen to and take their ideas in your decisions. Teens need a chance to think and act like adults as long as you guide them in their decision-making. This way, the self esteem for teens is improved, and they feel appreciated and loved.

  1. Remain connected with all the forms of communicationfostering2

It is important that a parent or a guardian, and even a teacher keep proper contact with the teenage children. When you ask the children questions, let the questions be complete and not just a yes or no answer type of questions. Try to learn more about how the children are doing in school or whatever another field. You could make calls or send text messages to the teenage children just to encourage them and show them that they are on your mind. This helps improve the self esteem for teens.

  1. Encourage activities that build self-esteem

Always encourage your teenage children to take part in extracurricular activities. When the children take part in teamwork and sports, this makes them self-reliant and responsible. These self esteem activities will come in handy to help the child grow as a responsible adult in the future.

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