How to Improve Writing Skills of Girls at GirlSpace

ifneigh1Writing is one of the most fulfilling things that people want to do. The reason you may need someone to write your paper is simple – you do not want to spoil your message and idea. Through writing, you can communicate to your readers and have them understand the issues that you want to put across. At GirlSpace, we want to provide all with an opportunity to express thoughts. Here are some recommendations that should be taken into account while aiming at mastering writing of girls.

You will need these tips to make it easy for you to know to improve writing skills on a daily basis.

Here are some tips that can help you become a better writer:

Use the active voice most of the time

When you use the active voice, it is easy for you to avoid common mistakes that are as a result of the overuse of the passive voice. Ensure that you use the subject and the object at the right place. Correct use the subject, the verb and the object in a sentence will help improve your skills.

However, depending on the kind of writing that you are doing, it is possible and acceptable to use the passive voice. Scientific writing will require you to use the passive voice to emphasize on the results rather than the researchers who do the finding.

Use the most appropriate words

Whether you are doing report writing or any other kind of writing, the choice of words makes your work evocative and easy to understand. You could make a scholarly essay more interesting by the use of words that are appropriate. It means that you need to find a verb, an adjective or an adverb that is suitable for the descriptions that you want to make.

Use of the right words does not mean that you must use obscure or complicated vocabulary that requires the reader to use a dictionary! You could, for example, use the word “use” instead of “utilize”. It makes your writing easy to follow and understand.

Avoid the use of clichés

ifneigh2Clichés are phrases and ideas and even situations that have been overused such that they have lost the impact they had in the beginning. Many phrases have been used too many times, and this has rendered them too general. They will not leave any impression on your readers. You should avoid these clichés as they will not help improve your English writing skills.

You should not use clichés when you are writing about yourself. If you write that you are people’s person, you will not be saying anything definite about yourself. The writing should be precise and accurate.

Read widely and often

The best writers are also good readers. When you read on a daily basis, you will internalize most of the things that you read. As you read the many materials, you need to pay attention to sentence structure, choice of words that the author uses as well as how the writing flows. The more you will read, the more you will be exposed to good writing.

Edit your work always

Following recommendations of writers from, we recognize the significance of academic writing skills.

You will become a better writer if you remember to edit your writing all the time. You can look into your work later after you have written it so as to make corrections. Change certain words or ideas so that your writing can flow. You should also proofread your work so that you can correct grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. This helps improve your skills.

Watch this video to find more useful tips on how to improve writing skills.

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