Social Issues of New York City Youth-From Poverty to Violence

issocial1cThe youth in New York City faces a myriad of problems that range from violence to poverty and other social issues. This affects mostly the at-risk young people who are vulnerable to all the social evils that exist in the outskirts of this big city. The youth, ranging from 16 years to 24 years have to face many problems such as lack of jobs during the school holidays, lack of role models as well as problems related to gun violence and health problems. The youth faces many social problems in this city and in indeed in many parts if America. We shall discuss these social issues and the solutions that could help bring order in the society. These are:

  1. Violence in schools-gun violence

There are many instances of gun violence in schools in Ney York. It means that the youth here face a problem where they are not able to concentrate in school. When a child feels that they are threatened by gangs and even violence by their peers, they are not likely to complete their school. It is also possible to have some of the youth influenced into violence due to this experience.

On top of the gun violence, there have been many cases of stabbings, fighting, and suicide among the youth. This kind of violence is part of the social problems that face young people in New York City.

  1. Drug and Alcohol abuse

This problem should be as a result of negative peer influence. There is also a lot of portrayal of drugs and alcohol as being “cool” in the media. It has made the youth feel enticed by this influence and as such, they end up experimenting with the drugs and alcohol. The results have been disastrous.

issocial221% of the high school seniors get high while 41% of this same group has confessed to taking alcohol. One of the ways this problem can be overcome is through peer to peer counseling. Parents also need to ensure that they guide their children into the right path. These social topics can also be taught in schools.

  1. Poverty and Materialism

Poverty is probably one of the causes of most of the evils in New York. The Federal poverty level is equated at $22, 050 for a family of 4 members. 21% of children are considered to be living in poverty. This is a massive social problem in New York. When the youth realizes that they need to live like the rest of the society, they may engage in violence acts like robbery and other crimes.

The only means to remedy this situation is to have the government improve the life of the less fortunate and the at-risk youths. Parents could also guide their children out of the materialism of the world and New York in particular. This is a social issue that affects the whole country.

  1. Single Parenthood

Most of the problems with the youth of New York begin at home. There are many single parent households, and this has compounded the problem of poverty and social issues like lack of proper guidance to the children. There are over 13 million single parents responsible for more than 28 million children. This definitely affects the quality of education that the children get due to the economic constraints of a one parent economy. You can get more information about the list of social problems and how to deal with them in this video.

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