Summer Program Explained or How to Foster Child’s Development

summer1It is important to help all children to grow and become the best that. It is more so for the children who are in school and learning the various skills for personal growth and development. Children can learn many skills whether they are in school or even during the summer program. When teaching young children, the teachers, the parents and all the other educators need to focus on the six domains of a child’s development. These will make it easy for the children to grow both physically, psychologically as well as can live with others in a harmonious manner. These six domains are:

  1. Gross motor-learning to use the muscles of the body for better development. This has to do with activities like running, crawling, skipping and so on.
  1. Fine Motor- this domain has to do with hand-eye coordination. These are activities that make use of the hand muscles such as drawing and writing.
  1. Language Domain- this has to do with the alphabetic, phonemics as well as written and oral language
  1. Cognitive domain-this domain has to do with the use of the brain. The cause/effect type of reasoning. Children need to learn how to reason and use their brains for their skill acquisition.
  1. Social/emotional domain- this domain has to do with the interaction of the children with the rest during play, learning, and other activities. The child learns how to play with the others and respect them.
  1. Self-help/adaptive domain- this has to do with the activities that a child learns to do independently. These can be activities such as dressing, tying shoelaces and all the other things that a child has to do on their own.

Watch this video about the development of children for more information.

summer2Now, it is easy for parents to enroll their children in the Summer school programs so that they can be engaged during the long summer holidays. There are many summer programs for teens as well as for the high school students. Also, there are different types of summer camps. With these programs, a parent can be sure that their children will be taught some life changing skills, and this is a definite way through which to improve the general achievements of the child in school, at home as well as in society.

One of the summer programs for high school students is cooking. The children are taken step by step lessons on cooking as well as the use of recipes. With this program, the child will learn how to be responsible and also improve their psychomotor skills. It is actually true to say that the child will develop in all the six domains above.

Other than the above summer activities, it is possible for the children to learn how to be independent while in school. It can be fostered through individual work in class such as a Math class and even Languages classes. When the students take tests on their own, they learn to be hardworking and independents at the same time. The values that the children learn through individual work are different from the values that they learn when they engage in group work either during school hours summer classes.

Whether it will be during the regular school calendar hours or the high school summer programs, the instructors should always inculcate the value of teamwork for the children so that they can learn the tenets of community work and the need for cooperation as a positive way of building on life.

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